Cross is an innovative rug system with graphic lines. Inspired by a giant crossing of colorful stripes, it is made of different square units which layout and number will determinate the size and shape of the rug. The elegant mix of navy blue, bright red, white and camel as well as the best quality of wool and this unusual notched shape are all the elements that make Cross a perfect rug.


Anatole Royer is a Parisian hyperactive artist. He signed the last Air France and Nespresso's campaigns as a talented graphic designer. Multifaceted, he is also behind the sweatshirt brand Pavane and the musical blog Le Tournedisque.


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The Cross rug is inspired by the sailors knots. Cross is made to measure and can be made in any size and shape to fit the narrowest corridor or the largest ball room. Other color combinations are available.

Red, navy blue, camel and white

100% pure wool hand-tufted.

Black and white

100% pure wool hand-tufted.

Yellow and white

100% pure wool hand-tufted.

Bespoke : Variable dimensions and proportions, all measurements are in cm.

Square unit : 20x20cm / diagonal : 28cm

Free shape, minimum size of 3x3 units.

BESPOKE : With a minimum size of 3x3 units, create your own rug 

and find its dimensions and floor space (in square metres) thanks to the table below.


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